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Optical Materials

Optical organic materials that are used for ophthalmic applications and in particular for corrective lenses, have very specific requirements. Because such materials are aimed at correcting and protecting the eyesight, the sharpness of vision is paramount. Ideally, the material is invisible to the wearer.

The way to achieve that is to focus on a high clarity / low haze, a water white appearance or low yellowness (unless when used for sunglasses), and a perfect refraction of all colours with low colour aberration (also called Abbe Value).

If those were the only requirements, then many transparent material might fit such requirements. However, lenses used for eyeglasses should also be tough, have good impact resistance, hardness, scratch resistance, outdoor UV stability, good ageing properties, and have excellent coating, tinting and machining properties.
On top of these requirements, lenses should also be easy to produce in high yield with high economic value.
This challenge has been taken on by ACOMON. Our products are dedicated to perform in the ophthalmic field with special grades for special features and specific applications.

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