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Mould Adhesion

Hard resin plastic lenses are usually cast in glass moulds. The shape of the mould surfaces determines the curvature of the resulting lens. Maintaining this curvature requires the optical monomer to adhere to the glass mould surface during casting. At the end of the process, however, lenses should release easily from the moulds.

Balancing this adhesion is key in making high quality lenses. Low adhesion during the cure will result in premature release from the moulds during the casting process or post cure process, resulting in worthless lenses. High adhesion after the curing process, results in glass pull outs, damaging the mould. In this case, both the lens and the mould are worthless. This is the lens caster’s worst nightmare.

ACOMON has developed several products designed to balance the adhesion behaviour during casting based on the type of casting process a manufacturer is using: RAV 713, RAV 717, and RAV 720 were all developed to provide optimal adhesion performance in lens casting. Furthermore, RAV 7AT and RAV 7NG are well known to have favourable adhesion characteristics.

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