The name ACOMON is unfamiliar to me. Who are they and where does the company come from?
What products do I need to make the whole range of lenses?
What benefits can RAV 7 monomers bring me?
What products can I use to make flat top bifocals?
I want to make sunlenses. Which products are best suited for that application?
How can I prevent warehouse yellowing of lenses?
How can I improve the mould life?
I am having crack defects when casting plus lenses. How can I do to get rid of this problem?
I am having high pre-release defect (also called water wave defect) when casting high power minus lenses. How can I get rid of the problem?
How can I make savings with ACOMON products?
How can I combine Fashion and Comfort, Health and Safety with ACOMON products?
If I cannot find IPP in my area, how can I produce ADC lenses?

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